Video Review: Dab Nova 300

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By on the 18 October 2016

Chris from reviews the Dab Nova 300 automatic domestic drainage pump.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Chris from, the helpful online pump specialist. This review covers the Dab NOVA 200 and NOVA 300 submersible pumps. We have sold thousands of these over the years. They are very reliable and dependable pumps, made from technopolymer and stainless steel, with a 220W motor and 5 metres of power cable.

Particles up to 10mm diameter will pass through the pump, making them especially suitable for cellars, septic tanks and other challenging jobs where their toughness and durability is important.

The minimum recommended sump size is 400mm wide, by 400mm front-to-back, by 400mm deep, which should be nice and easy to remember.

At 4m head, a NOVA pump will delivery 125 litres/minute, or 27 gallons a minute at 12 ft head.

This model with the float switch is the NOVA 300. It is also available without a float switch as the NOVA 200. Both are highly recommended and in stock here for immediate delivery.

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