Element Ultra High-Performance Cylinders

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By on the 10 November 2018

The Element Ultra High-Performance range of cylinders by Dutypoint, specifically developed for boosted hot water systems in high end residential and light commercial properties which have a greater demand for high pressure and high flow.

Where many ranges only go to 3.5 bar, our comprehensive range high-performance range of indirect, unvented cylinders starts at a standard operating pressure of 4.5 bar.

In many cases this is sufficient, but our range continues up to 6.0 bar for more demanding projects. Every cylinder has larger 28mm connections and is available in a wide variety of capacities to suit the demands of the property.

Standard Technical Features

  • 28mm connections for high flow rates
  • 4.5 bar and 6.0 bar versions for high pressure installations
  • WRAS approved
  • Expansion vessel and two port motorised zone valve
  • 3kW electric immersion heater
  • ½" hot water secondary return
  • 60mm insulation significantly reduces energy loss
  • High grade duplex stainless steel construction
  • 22mm diameter stainless steel heating coil for fast reheating times
  • Durable plastisol casing
  • Factory-fitted pressure and temperature relief valve



  • Additional coil for secondary heat sources, e.g. solar panels or ground source heat pumps
  • Uprated primary coil for faster recovery times (available on 175l and larger models)
  • 6kW immersion heater
  • Twin immersion heaters
  • 1" hot water secondary return
  • Non-standard sizes


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